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Company Info

At the end of June 1998 Gem Switchgear (Pty) Ltd acquired the Switchboard Division and their competent staff from the formerly Gem Industries (Pty) Ltd. 

Gem Switchgear undertakes the manufacture and repair of a comprehensive range of low and medium voltage switchgear including the following:

Low Voltage motor control centrers.
Main distribution boards ( Rated for a fault level of up to 65KA and 3000A bus bars)
Lightning distribution boards
Medium and small distribution boards
Power factor control boards
Programmable controller cubicles
Eskom Kiosks
School Kiosk
Meter boards to specification.

Gem Switchgear is keeping abreast with the latest technological developments and has a policy of improving our products on a continual step by step program. 
Gem Switchgear’s success can be attributed to an excellent technical knowledge of their products and attention to customer needs.

The market for Gem Switchgear in largely with the industrial and construction companies however more work is being received from mining houses. Most of the major clients have become very quality and cost conscious and have embarked on programs to choose a short list of quality suppliers with whom they will contract to handle their requirements. 

Gem Switchgear is well placed in terms of quality, capacity and pricing to be chosen as a quality supplier. 

Gem Switchgear is currently exporting to neighbouring countries, where considerable potential has been identified.

Latest news

March 6, 2006:
We had moved to Jet Park beginning 2006.